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Tri It Now was founded in 1998 with the goal of making multisport accessible to any level of athlete. Our races have lots of beginners and people new to the sport, but many come back and continue to race with Tri It Now because our events are a lot of fun. Going as hard as possible for a short time is an exhilarating challenge....and actually it's a BIG challenge!

Over the years, we have grown by leaps and bounds.  More than 20 years later, we continue working to bring new excitement to our favorite races and adding new events.

Whether for a race or clinic, one event or many,
We hope you will join us!

UPDATE, October 2023:

We celebrated the 26 years of Tri It Now
the TIN Season Wrap Up (10/15/23)

Ina and Tri It Now are both
happily enjoying retirement
in Boulder, CO


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At age 48, Ina Nenninger had never competed in a sports event when her oldest son Geoff challenged her to do a triathlon.  He was racing at St. Anthony’s Triathlon in a few weeks and he pointed out there was a youth tri with one wave for adults taking place the day before.  She had never run before, and had to figure out how to run 1.5 miles in 3 weeks! She ended up finishing 2nd place in her age group, and was completely hooked.

She raced 6 more times that first season. With all the training, fitness improved and her lifestyle changed.  She went on to compete in triathlons for 20 years, racing sprint and olympic distances.  She represented Team USA in the Age Group World Championships 3 times allowing her to travel the world, experience multisport, and make lifelong friendships in the triathlon community.

By her third season of racing, she wanted to share the gift of multisport with others. She wanted others to know they were capable of being a triathlete. That summer, Ina put on her first race at the local swim club in McLean, VA.  There were 29 participants in that first race in 1998, and Tri It Now was born.  By the summer of 2000, we had grown to 100 athletes.  In 2003 we moved our race to Manassas so it had more room to grow at the Freedom Center and we are still there almost 20 years later! Tri It Nows mission is to make Multisport accessible to everyone and to help continue to grow the Multisport community!


Tri It Now athletes' stories

We love hearing from our athletes about their participation
 in our events and how that has impacted them




Here are some of examples of why we love to put on our super sprint multisport races:


..........Multisport has provided me a way to challenge myself without the pressure of "letting down a team".  Everyone is so kind and supportive - from the race coordinators right down to the participants.  Competitors cheering for one another.  Families cheering on their own participants AND everyone else.  The entire experience feels wonderful and always fills me with joy.  Multisport has allowed me to feel a tremendous sense of pride in myself and given me a sense of accomplishment.  Knowing the physical challenges that face my little girl and how disheartening they can be I wanted to give [her] the opportunity to try a TRI and feel her own sense of accomplishment.  She had such a great time!!!!!  She even enjoyed a pep talk from a race coordinator that "getting a medal is not the most important part of the experience."  Hearing it from someone other than her momma cemented the point.  When we got home Saturday afternoon she set up a mini-transition area and started practicing.  She has asked me to sign her up for the next kids' TRI.  She's excited and determined!!!!  It's so wonderful to see this spark.  Thank you for providing a well organized race in a welcoming environment.  Thank you for all of your words of encouragement and belief in the pre-race meeting.  Thank you for giving her the opportunity to consider herself an athlete.  It brought tears to my eyes to watch her take part and to cheer her across the finish line.  Thank you more than I can ever say.




On behalf of Sabrina, Nick and I; we would like to take a moment to thank you and all of the people at Tri it Now for a great event last Sunday July 21, 2013. Each person we came into contact with had such a great attitude and were so encouraging that words alone cannot express how grateful we are since this was our first event. The professionalism was by far much greater than even large events we have participated around central Virginia.

I wanted to send you this to say thanks; even though this does not even begin to express our feelings. The way you and Kevin were so supportive from the pre-event meeting, setting up transition, during the pool swim and while we were running was phenomenal. We also would like to thank the other athletes at this event, even the serious triathaletes were very accommodating and encouraging during all aspects of the race. I know several of these athletes kept saying to me during each stage “keep going; you are doing great!”

We will be attending more events with your organization and look forward to other events in the future.

Thanks again,

Rich & Sabrina



Thank you for getting back to me. The Manassas Mini Tri was my very first race. I'd never done a competitive swim race, bike race or run race in my life. I was a career soccer player with no interest in track or endurance sports.

I remember being so nervous about my first triathlon and you were so kind, encouraging and patient in doing the pre-race briefings. I hung on every word.

I even went to the local bike shop the day before the race, walked in, told them I wanted their cheapest bike they had (it was a Trek shop, so it was still expensive). They asked me when I was racing and laughed when I said it was the next day.

I'd done all my training on a stationary bike in a gym. You see, I had found an 8 week triathlon training program on the internet and was doing it to lose weight and get fit. I only heard of your race the week before, and it happened to land on the "race day" on my little program. Coincidence?

Anyway, after your race, I got hooked and I joined Team in Training and did the Nations Tri in September 2011. Since then, I've done 11 triathlons, including two half Ironmans. Also, my 20 year old son decided to join the fray and signed up to do Nations in 2012. I had him do your race in August last year as a warm up and he won his age group. He was only one of two, but hey, "the world is led by those who show up!"

Well, I'm happy to report that I just completed my first full Ironman on Sunday. I did the Ironman Lake Placid 2013 with a new tri team called T3 Honu. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget.

When my wife asked me how I felt after finishing, I told her it was like my first tri in Manassas, only a lot longer. I told how I remember you being so nice and telling us we were about to be "triathletes".

I just wanted to let you know that you helped me reach a goal that had never even thought was possible. I never knew I'd be interested in this sport, and I would never have thought I'd even attempt an Ironman.

When people ask me where to start, I refer them to your series because it is fun, low stress and inviting. You put people at ease and empower them to try something that can seem overwhelming.

Thank you for helping me take that first bite of that elephant. I'll see you at one of your races soon, possibly as a volunteer.



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