Kids Tri Too
Sunday, September 12, 2021
7:15 a.m.

The Freedom Aquatic & Fitness Center
Manassas, VA 20110

This is a youth triathlon for ages 6 to 14,
which includes very short distances
in each of the 3 sports

Ages* Swim
(yards, in pool)
6-8 50 1.3 .40*
9-11 100 2.5 .60*
12-15 150 3.5 .80*

all distances are approximate


*according to USAT rules,
everyone will race based on their age on 12/31/2021

Race Description Course Registration Instructions Volunteers


 Snake style swim in a 25 yard pool  

We will start each age group in the appropriate lane based on the distance that age group swims. Athletes will sit and slide into the pool and use steps to exit the pool.  Swimmers will begin one at a time at 10-second intervals.  Each will swim down the first lane, go under the lane line, swim back in the next lane, go under the next lane line, swim down the next lane, etc. until they reach the last lane of the pool.  This is called a snake swim...and swimmers should practice going under the lane lines in a pool before the triathlon.

 Each age group will swim the distance announced for their age:

6 lanes for 12-14 year olds;
4 lanes for 9-11 year olds;
2 lanes for 6-8 year olds



Our format for the swim includes:

  • swimming in each lane goes only one direction

  • passing is allowed

  • you MUST swim to the wall, touch it, go under the laneline, and push off from wall in next lane

  • flip turns will not be permitted. Use of flip turns will be cause for disqualification from the race.

  • NO diving or jumping into the pool (swimmer will be seated and then slide in from the side)

  • don't start until we signal the individual that it's time to start

After swimming the distance, swimmers will climb out of the water and walk to the exit door of the building.  Once outside, athletes may run to their bike in the transition area.


The bike course is an out and back on the campus road, George Mason Circle.  Each age group completes that route a certain number of times, based on age: 

  • 6-8 year olds do 1 lap (out and back is one lap)

  • 9-11 year olds do 2 laps

  • 12-14 year olds do 3 laps

Each racer is responsible for counting his/her own laps, so please practice that in advance.

Remember:  no riding the bike in the transition area.  Athletes run their bikes to the MOUNT LINE (see map), and there they begin their bike laps.

Map of the bike course


The run is on the SIDEWALK alongside George Mason Circle.  It is an out and back course.  Runners will run all the way to the turnaround cone marked with their age group and color-coded to the label on their race bib. Circle around the cone and run back toward the Freedom Center and the finish line.

Map of the run course  the map shows .8 mile run (shorter runs will have earlier turnaround)