July 29, 2018
8:15 a.m.

The Freedom Aquatic & Fitness Center
Manassas, VA 2011

Swim 400
meters - Run 3 miles


Relay Team:  
2 person teams with each person completing 1 leg of the aquathlon

all distances are approximate

Race Description Course Registration Instructions Volunteers


Swim:        400 meter swim in a 50 meter pool 

The race begins in the indoor pool with 50 meter lanes. Swimmers will be started one at a time, approximately every 5 seconds (time trial start).  You will sit and slide into the pool and may use steps to exit the pool.  Each will swim down the first lane, go under the lane line, swim back in the next lane, go under the next lane line, swim down the next lane, etc.  This is called a snake swim.

  • In our snake swim, every lane is only one direction, and so we do not allow flip turns. 
  • Passing is allowed. There is no particular protocol for passing; just go ahead.
  • You MUST swim to the wall, touch it, go under the lane line, and push off from wall in next lane.  Some part of your body (hand or foot, whichever is easier) MUST touch the wall on each side of the lane line (both before and after going under the line).
  • Flip turns are not allowed (DQ).

Swimmers will complete 8 lengths of the pool, totaling 400 meters.  Once laps are completed, climb out of the pool and head to the transition area. Be sure to walk on the pool deck, but feel free to run once outside the building.

Run: route map                    3 miles, on sidewalk -- TWO (2) LOOP COURSE

                                                PLEASE STAY TO THE RIGHT ON SIDEWALK      


Start:  Freedom Center parking lot

  • Exit transition area on side nearest building, turning right as you exit the transition area

  • go to the end of the building and turn left

  • again go the end of the building and turn right, using the driveway to exit the parking lot

  • turn left on the sidewalk along Freedom Center Blvd and continue to turnaround cone (stay to right on sidewalk)

  • return on same sidewalk back to the driveway into the parking lot of the Freedom Center

  • turn left onto the sidewalk along the side of the Freedom Center

  • turn right at the flagpole corner (this is retracing back over the route you did to start the run)

  • continue on sidewalk in front of the building until the sidewalk ends at George Mason Circle

  • cross the dead-end street, turn left onto sidewalk and continue  along George Mason Circle

  • continue to turnaround sign at the end of the sidewalk next to the Hylton Performing Arts Center

  • come back along the same sidewalk toward the Freedom Center

  • as you near the finish line arch, look for the turnaround sign (labeled "Stroke & Stride Turnaround"); go around that sign to start your second loop out toward the Hylton Performing Arts Center (same as that portion of 1st loop)

  • again go to turnaround sign at the end of the sidewalk next to Hylton and come back toward the Freedom Center

  • continue to the finish line (and this time you get to go through it!)