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I have to tell you that I just did the Kinetic Sprint in Lake Anna ...and it was a terrific experience! My times were just what I estimated, not great times but good for my fitness (or fitless) level. I wanted to finish in 3 hours or less and I did! I wanted you and Ann to know that I reviewed my Clinic notes many times before the race and even the day before and gained numerous helps and encouragements for my race. Thank you for that! I used so many of the details covered in the Clinic regarding training, preparations, transitions, expectations, attitude, etc. I felt very prepared and had no major issues other than a slight panic at the daunting view of the buoy markers out on the lake on Sunday morning. I did two practice swims in my wetsuit in Lake Anna before the race and practiced many times with the wetsuit in the pool a couple of weeks before. I thought of you both a lot during the race weekend and how much I appreciated the amount of ground you covered in the Clinic.                --MM, 5/17/11


Thanks again for all your help. I am glad I went to the Triitnow clinic. I have wanted to do this for sometime, but was a little to afraid of getting out of my comfort zone. Thanks again to you [Anne] and Ina. I am really having fun training and I hope to race for a very long time.

R.B., 7/1/10


I had a great time at the Clinic. You both were fantastic facilitators. And thanks for the feedback and workout suggestions...it's training time! 

Thanks again!



Both presenters informative & passionate about the topics...



...Very happy with my swim time! Definitely putting what I learned in the clinic to work!




Thanks again for your hard work and great instruction at the clinic. Your positive attitude is absolutely infectious! You are a walking advertisement for the positive benefits of multi-sport and you made the day a real joy. I hope to reap similar benefits as I begin my journey in triathlon.

BTW - I've already signed up for the Nation's Triathlon olympic distance event next season. I'm looking at a couple others, including some sprints and the Summer Super Sprint in Manassas. I wish you well with Tri It Now and your triathlon season next year.




I just wanted to thank you for a great clinic Saturday. We were in there for a long time but the day flew by with a lot of great information. The time was certainly well spent!

Thanks again,


.....Also took 2 minutes off my 1 mile swim time first time in the water after the clinic.

Thanks again,



Great Workshop! Thanks so much!




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