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We include here a  6-Week Training Plan  to lead up to one of our Tri It Now sprint or super sprint distance races. It was put together by Andy Nenninger, Tri It Now staffer, Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), and triathlete.

The plan is "painted with a broad brush"...since we don't know each user's fitness level at the start of the 6 weeks, we have included very general suggestions for daily workouts.  Our goal is to help you schedule your workout sessions and to prepare for all three sports in the process.  If you would like some help with a more intense or a less intense training plan, please feel free to email us for suggestions.  The same goes for extending the plan to a longer schedule (perhaps 10 or 12 weeks).

To use the plan: 
1)  pick your goal race; 
2)  count back 6 weeks from the race date; 
3)  adjust the starting level to reflect your fitness level and sport-specific skill
4)  start training! 

For answers to your questions or assistance in tailoring this plan to your own needs, email us:



By Andy Nenninger

I would love to help guide you as you work out for fitness or to get into top shape for competitive sports.  

I can help you meet all of your goals with workout programs customized to meet your needs and provided to you via email. Follow-up consultation included and encouraged. Whether you have an hour a week, or an hour a day, I can help you get the most out of your time in the gym. Donít like the gym? I can help you design a program to do at home with minimal equipment.   

Iím located in Florida, but we can work together by internet regardless of your location. Very affordable pricing!! 

Contact Andy for details:  andypoweryoga@gmail.com

Andy Nenninger

2 times National Champion in Aquabike
2 times USA Triathlon All American, Aquabike
2 times USAT Worlds Team, Aquabike
2017 Silver Medalist in Aquabike Worlds

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If you haven't begun to keep a training log, here's an attempt to motivate you to do so!  Click here to see a
Training Log and you will have a full page, weekly training log to print out for your use.